A downloadable game for Windows

Two builds included, one with Oculus Rift support and one without it.


"Small People Problems" - Version. 0.5 - Oculus Rift Support!

Gameplay Trailer:

Developed by We lack Moral for Ludum Dare 33:

Designer/Writer: Elias Markström

Programmer: Tobias Johansson

Music & Sound: Viktor Zryd

3D Graphics: Mattias Lindblad

Animator: Niklas Bergwall


'Xbox 360 Controller' Controls:

Left Stick - Control the Worm

A-button - Leap out of the ground, devouring anything above you when you leap out and then anything below on the way down

Keyboard Controls:

WASD - Control the Worm

Space-bar - Leap out of the ground, devouring anything above you when you leap out and then anything below on the way down


Time Trial:

You are a giant worm of death.
Citizens are happy in HappyTown.
You need to consume the citizens as quick and stealthy as possible.
You can also destroy buildings. Optional but fun.
If a citizen sees or hears one of these below:

a. a destroyed building
b. the giant worm
c. another citizen panicking

That person will panic and run for the gong.

Note: The citizens only see/hear things in their close vicinity!
If a citizen gets to the gong before you consume them, the suicide bomber will be called. The bomber spawns in the tall building in the north, and he will chase you until you die. The bomber can always see you, and is able to kill you even if you're hiding below ground. He might have x-ray vision or something.
Keep the citizens from spreading panic and calling for the bomber, while also trying to consume them all as quickly as possible!

If struck by the bomber, you will get to see how fast you were (or how long you survived) and how many citizens were still alive when you died.


Your goal, in this early version of 'Small People Problems', is to consume the citizens of HappyTown. These people spend their time running around and being generally nice. If anything disturbs the peace of their ignorant utopia, like seeing destroyed buildings, another citizen panicking or maybe witnessing a giant worm of death leaping out in their close vicinity, they will panic. Panicked citizens run for the gong placed in the center of town. If one citizen strikes the gong, the special force(s) of HappyTown is unleashed, a licensed suicide bomber. This person resides in the humble building north of town, and he is capable of ending your short worm life. He will find you even if you're hiding below ground, i.e. stay away from the person with the explosive personality or you will suffer the consequences. Consume as many citizens as you can as quickly as possible.

Can you consume them all without the bomber being called? Even if he's called, you can still try to consume the last citizens, but it'll be more difficult!

More information

Published 2 years ago
Tagsdeathworm, Ludum Dare 33, Oculus Rift
InputsOculus Rift

Install instructions

Just unzip the game and you will find two folders and a .txt-file.

The folder NonVR_Build contains the .exe-file for the version without Oculus support.

The folder Oculus_Build contains the .exe-file for the version with Oculus Rift support.

The SmallPeopleProblems_HowToPlay.txt is a "How To Play"-text file.


Small People Problems 0.5.zip 41 MB

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